The House of hope

The House of Hope

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Following the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Cyril, (Kirill), a pastor from Odessa, fled with his family to Ciobalaccia, a town in the south of Moldova about 120 kms from the capital Chisinau. He discovered a derelict hospital, now the House of Hope a non-profit making organisation and with the help of the Round Table Family has turned it into a home for refugees from Ukraine. Longer term, he wants to make it a refuge for the elderly and orphans not only from Ukraine but Moldova as well.

Significant help has come from the Round Table Family in Moldova, Germany Holland and now GB&I and the House of Hope is one of 41 INTERNATIONAL President Barry Durman's nominated charities.

If you want to find out how you can help, simply go to the Spring edition of the 41 Club Magazine and you will see a couple of articles about the House of Hope telling you how you can provide support.

So, from being a derelict building, all this hard work means the House of Hope can now accommodate around 350 refugees in 35 Rooms and almost 4,000 refugees have, to date, registered at the House with some moving directly on to Germany after their arrival.

Here is a monthly update about the progress being made by the House of Hope, not only at the House, but also across Ukraine. You can see how vitally important the support being provided by the Round Table Family is to so many people.

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