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Offering Fun And Friendship Since 1945


41 Club

Welcome to 41 Club, a network of almost 650 mens clubs across Great Britain and Ireland (GB&I) with a focus on fun, friendship and community projects.

Established almost 80 years ago, 41 Club is open to men aged 41+ who are looking to join in fun activities, make friends and contribute to the local community.

Check Out Local and National Events

41 Club has multiple opportunities for members to join in. From local club events (lunches, dinners and social events - with and without partners), to international gatherings. 

At a national level, 41 Club runs a variety of activity weekends, for example walking, camping and caravanning, classic car rallies. and so much more. 

Take a look and see if there is something for you. 

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Find out more about what we do

Take a look at what 41 Club has been up to. Our News page has articles on

  • Local and International community projects
  • Local club events and meetings
  • National events and meetings
  • International 
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