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Each 41 Club is individual, some clubs prefer to just enjoy each other’s company over a delightful meal while others are involved in local projects, fund raising or supporting community agendas.  Many clubs have social events and other activities to enjoy, adding challenge, interest and pleasure to your time. Our range of clubs is vast with many to choose from.

Club offers the structure to allow all members to get involved in a range of activities at all levels while providing a focused approach to membership, allowing individuals to relax in pleasant company and/or develop new skills and respond to new challenges. There is an annual calendar of events that allows all members to pick and choose what they would like to be involved in, from organised walks to Classic Car Weekends, from Caravanning to 41 Club cruises and much more..

41 Club, with a membership of nearly 12,000 members in 650 clubs, has a focus to achieve a better world, helping communities to overcome local difficulties, shortages and individual needs.

You can help in your local area, working regionally with other clubs in the Association, nationally and internationally, especially when major incidents occur - look at our 41 International page to see how 41 Club is able to help those suffering from the war in Ukraine.

We believe in enjoying ourselves AND making a difference. Do you!

Try our Club Finder to identify a club near you, signify your interest and we will respond to you within a few days.

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