Reasons to Join 41 Club

Well, Why Not!!

Being a member of 41 Club

So why should you be a member of 41 Club? Here are some of the benefits...

Fun and Friendship

The success of Clubs with an eye to a strong and regular Programme where members can attend and enjoy the friendship and support of their fellow members is shown time and again.

With a good Programme, Clubs thrive through ever strengthened bonds, with increased chances to bring in more friends and to share more roles.

This can extend to National events, both in the UK and internationally as we make sure all members can find a place to extend friendships beyond their Club.

You can invite your friends and acquaintances to join your Club to enhance your enjoyment.


Age holds no boundaries - 41 Club can provide additional support by offering opportunities beyond your Club.

You are able to go further by providing support and your expertise or knowledge to others, for example, on health matters; digital use; wine; beer; history. In fact, anything that you find useful to share you will be able to for the support of others.


Being a member of 41 Club means that you are part of part of a supporting, nurturing, friendly and outgoing group that provides a safe haven to find true friends. You are amongst a broader group of trusted friends all of whom will always look out for their fellow members.

The Club not only supports by being that friend, but by providing opportunities to be involved and to help others, through taking up a role in the Club; by arranging events; by checking in on friends; by providing advice or sharing a skill that you may have, or want to gain.

The Round Table Family

Being a 41 Club member means you are part of the wider “Round Table Family”. By joining or even founding a 41 Club you have a great opportunity to meet and catch up with old friends and make new ones across 41 Club, Tangent, Round Table and Ladies Circle.

Affinity Benefits

Being a member of 41 Club entitles you a great range of benefits negotiated especially for you on travel, motoring, hotels, cruising and many other hobbies and pastimes.

Simply go to Members Benefits to see the full range of benefits that you can enjoy.

And finally...

Special Interest Groups

If you have a particular interest or hobby, get involved with other 41 Club members in 1 of our Special  Interest groups.If your special interest is not on the list, set one up and get people to join - the National team are here to help.

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