41 Club Overview

Let the Fun, Friendship and Community Work Continue


About 41 Club

41 Club is a mens club that focuses on Fun, Friendship and Community projects. 

Initially 41 Club was founded by members of Round Table that had aged out of Round Table at the age of 40 (hence 41 Club). But the club is now open to men aged 41+ who are looking join in fun activities, make friends and contribute to the local community. 

The History of 41 Club

Louis Marchesi formed the first Round Table on 14th March 1927. The Round Table members who had reached retirement age had so much enjoyed Round Table life, they wanted to continue. So in 1936 they formed the first 41 Club. Ex-Tablers’ from other clubs soon followed suit. 

The association has grown over the years. 


Reasons to Join 41 Club

41 Club offers the structure to allow all members to get involved in a range of activities at all levels while providing a focused approach to membership, allowing individuals to relax in pleasant company and/or develop new skills and respond to new challenges. 

Find a Club Near You

Find Your Local 41 Club

There are 41 Club all across the UK. From Stornoway & District in the north, to Camborne in the south, from Great Yarmouth in the east to Enniskillen in the west. 

41 Club has grown with clubs all over the world. 

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The Round Table Family

The Round Table Family consists of the following:

  • Round Table
  • 41 Club
  • Ladies Circle
  • Tangent

Supporting the Community

Each year, the Association’s National President supports a national Charity, and 41 Clubs are encouraged to help raise money on his behalf.

As well as raising money for national and local charities, 41 Club members take part in local initiatives and projects to help the local community. 

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