Stuart Bizley


The National Councillor Liaison Officer

Stuart Bizley

2024 - 2025

I am honoured to have the opportunity to do my part as the National Councillors’ Liaison Officer (NCLO) until Aviemore conference, in addition to my role of Region 17 National Councillor.
The role of the NCLO covers several areas, but primarily is all about ensuring effective communication and fellowship, between the Board and all the National Councillors of the 25 41 Club regions. I also represent Councillors’ views at Board meetings to ensure that, together, we all help drive the Association forwards whilst supporting all Clubs for the future.
National Councillors, are working hard to support clubs in their regions and I am here to act as conduit so that the voices and views of the members, through the councillors, are heard across both the National Council and Board.

Fellowship and camaraderie are vital so that we maintain and strengthen connections between the Board, Councillors and Clubs.

If you are unable to contact the a board member for any reason - please contact our Administration Team at Marchesi House. Tel: 0121 456 4402 or Email: They will do their best to help or pass your query onto someone who can.

Marchesi House is open 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday. Closed on Public Holidays.

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