41 Club Insurance

Insurance Benefits for 41 Club and Affiliated Clubs and their Members

41 Club have arranged a number of insurances for the benefit of The Association of Ex-Round Tablers’ (41 Club) and Affiliated Clubs and their Members that are designed to meet the everyday needs of the majority Clubs, a summary of which can be found in the latest version of the 41 Club 2024-25 Insurance Guide

41 Club 2024-25 Insurance Guide

(V2 Published April 2024)

It is important to note that not all 41 Clubs are the same, some are more active in their communities than others and may well organise events that are deemed to be of higher risk. The Insurance Guide spells out the types of activities that are automatically covered, anything else is excluded and will require those organising such events on behalf of National or their Club.

By their very nature Insurance Policies do not cover everything. In addition to specific exclusions, they also place obligations on policyholders in the form of warranties and conditions that will require certain things to be done. Failure to observe and act on these could allow Insurers to avoid the claim. It is therefore essential that when planning an event, you download and read the guide.

Should you require additional insurances for your Club or an Event you are organising, please complete the 41 Club Event Referral Form and send it to insurance@41Club.co.uk

Event Organisers

41 Club Event Organisers Manual

(Published April 2024)

We live in a highly litigious world, gone are the days where tripping over on the pavement was your own fault for not looking! Today, people look to someone else to blame in order to seek redress and lawyers are only too willing to fund the process in return for a share of the damages awarded. As a consequence, this places considerable responsibility on event organisers to carefully plan, consider and mitigate potential risk for injury to fellow members and the public.

For those organising events the following guides and documents have be prepared to help you with the planning and execution of your event. It is essential that you use these templates, adapting them to your particular event and the environment in which it will take place. Above all, keep detailed records of meetings, risk assessments etc. in case the worst happens so that you are well placed to defend yourselves, should the need arise.

41 Club Event Planning Tool

(Published April 2024)

We have also developed a spreadsheet template that you can download to help you with your planning process. It includes a Planning page, a simple Financial Budgeting tool, a Marketing activity checklist, a Resources plan, a Legal checklist and a Risk Assessment template.

Health & Safety

Awareness of Health & Safety legislation and its implications cannot be ignored and will be an important component of any event planning. 41 Club are currently in the process of developing a Health & Safety policy document. In the interim, please consult the Health & Safety Executive website

Evidence of Insurance

41 Club TWIMC letter

It is quite usual these days when working with third party organisations for that you might get asked to provide evidence of insurance in the form of a “To Whom It May Concern” letter (TWIMC).  An example can be found in the link below that is correct as of the date shown. Should you be asked for a more up to date version, this can be requested by emailing insurance@41Club.co.uk Please allow two full working days for this to be sent to you.

41 Club Employers Liability Certificate

You may also require a copy of our Employers Liability Certificate:

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