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National Council

National Secretary, Bernard Elwen is delighted to announce that the next National Council...

41 Club International Virtual Half Year Meeting Announced

41 Club International have announced their virtual half year meeting - 

Zero Suicide Alliance

We have had excellent feedback on the free suicide prevention awareness training featured on page 14 of our last magazine....

August Newsletter OUT NOW

The latest 41 Club Monthly newsletter is out for your reading pleasure


Mick & Jackie Rendell’s Alternative Kent Pru100 for MNDA

It was my intention to ride the Pru100 event again this year and ride in aid of the Motor Neurone Disease Association of East Kent. I am...

Michael Prince reaches 100

Congratulations to Michael on reaching his 100th Birthday with friends and family.

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41 Club Connects ...

See all of the videos for our recent events at www.41clubconnects.co.uk

Government Warning

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August 2020 Newsletter

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The password is the same as that of the magazine - it is: MarchesiHouse

Summer Magazine

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Millennium Way

A beautiful 100 mile trail in the Heart of England, enhanced by 44 fabulous, circular walks of between 4 and 9 miles.


We don't just sit there!

Let's prove it!

Let's show the world that we actually do things!

The internet offers us the opportunity to tell the world that 41 Club is not just a dining club where old men talk about things that were better in their day. It provides the ability to communicate with 'like minded' people, to show others (especially current and ex-Tablers) that we do still participate in activities that may be of interest to them. We have therefore decided to create a range of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) on Facebook that are open to all members of the Four Club Family. You are invited to join them if they interest you or to point your friends to them if you know they are interested. Additionally we will welcome your ideas as to what other groups we can create (golf, walking, cycling, fishing are just a few possibilities).

So let's see some action. The groups / forums already set up are listed in the block on the right. The groups are closed so that you have to request membership and your views, photos etc. will only be shared with like minded members. You will need a Facebook account to join most of these groups. The Bikers Forum is open to all as it is not a closed group.

If you would like to start other groups please send the details to webmaster@41club.org

We will need your name, your Facebook ID, the name of the group and brief details on its aims. We will then set the group up for you, making you the first member and allowing you to invite other Facebook members to join.

So who wants a football group? a rugby group? or even a cake decorating group? It is up to you. It costs nothing and will hopefully encourage other ex members to join 41 Club and Tangent. It may even get some members to start new activities!

The Round Table Family

The Round Table Family is culmination between the four Social groups Round Table, 41 Club, Ladies Circle & Tangent.

The Purpose of the Round Table Family is to work together with the common aim of membership development, seek commercial advantage by sharing best practice and encourage representatives of each association to interact at all levels.

Here are links to the other clubs' websites: 

Round Table  


Ladies Circle

Like to Chat?

Do you know that we now have a private Facebook Group for 41 Club members?  A space where you can communicate with fellow members from the whole of GB&I.  Start topical discussions, ask questions of fellow members or advertise your club events. It is there for you to use and we already have 450 members. If you have a Facebook account and are a registered member on CAS then you can apply to join by clicking here.

We want to hear from YOU!

What has your 41 Club been doing that is unusual and of interest to others?

Send in a short article and a picture and we will publish it on this website!

Just a  simple e-mail will do - send it to webmaster@41club.org

Members Benefits

41 Clubs Fellowship team work hard to bring members a range of benefits. These include discounts, exclusive access and so much more and you can view all of these on our Members Benefits Area

41 Club Sales

For a full range of regalia, clothing and gifts CLICK HERE

National Charity

National President, Peter Good is supporting Dementia UK over 2020-2022 and asks all clubs to join him in fundraising. 

A special Virgin Giving Page has been set up to allow efficient giving. 

Please make your Dementia UK Donations Here