New Benefit

You will now be able to obtain exclusive club rates at Hilton Hotels.

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Round Table NSW Gala Dinner

Round Table National Sporting Weekend Gala Dinner

Saturday 8th September at Wolverhampton Race Course

The Saturday night gala dinner is open to 41 Club + male guests of any age and the link to purchase tickets is as follows:-

National Social & Sporting Weekend

Contact Kelly Clarke at

For a booking form CLICK HERE

Walking Festival

We have another weekend activity to add to the Cruise, NSSW, Caravan Weekend and Classic Car weekend. The Millennium Way team of 41 Club members are pleased to announce that they will be holding their first Walking Festival on Friday 7th September thru until Monday 10th September. With two walks each day, morning and afternoon, they will be covering Circular Walks in Worcestershire. Just a few miles off the M5. Working in conjunction with Worcester County Council to ensure the route is in tip-top condition, each walk is between 3 and 8 miles long, thru lovely Worcestershire countryside. There are very few hills, mostly just gently undulating.

It would be great if some 41 Club members, who are keen ramblers, would come and join us. You can just do one walk or try all 8. We have walk guides to show the way. There is plenty of accommodation shown on the website near Worcester, Alcester and Evesham and we are within a few miles of the Cotswolds if you want more stunning scenery. We will nominate a pub for each evening to encourage fellowship. Family and Friends are more than welcome

All the details are shown on our website on Click on the Walking Festival icon on the home page and it’s all explained. You can book online and it is free to do so. If anyone has any questions about it please ring our Chairman Barry Durman on 07836 260825.

The walks are on our website and are as follows for those that want to see where they will be going:

Friday morning Circular 39

Friday afternoon Circular 9

Saturday morning Circular 7

Saturday afternoon Circular 8

Sunday morning Circular 1

Sunday afternoon Easy Access Circular

Sunday afternoon Circular 20

Monday morning Circular 16

Monday afternoon Circular 41

Chestnut Festival

CLICK HERE for details

Classic Rally 2019

After a very successful and enjoyable weekend of fellowship with over 80 petrolheads in Cardiff, plans now turn to next year's event.

The 2019 Heart of England Rally is being organised by Shirley Late Knights on the 14th - 16th June, based at the Ettington Chase Hotel in Warwickshire.

For details and a booking form CLICK HERE

If you are a petrolhead and would like to communicate with fellow 41ers why not join our own Facebook group 41 Club Classic Rally

where you can see photographs of past Classics and get to know others with cars they are proud to drive.

August Newsletter

Conference 2019


Summer Magazine

Millennium Way

A beautiful 100 mile trail in the Heart of England, enhanced by 44 fabulous, circular walks of between 4 and 9 miles.


Weekends+ Away

41 Club National now organises several events, many for couples, which are for specific interests and cover a weekend or even longer.  Click on the ones of interest to you:
Classic Rally
Caravan Weekend
Cycling Weekend
Club Cruise
National Social & Sporting Weekend

41 Club Sales

For a full range of regalia, clothing and gifts CLICK HERE

August Communique

Round Table Family Links

41 Club is part of the Round Table Family of four clubs.

Here are links to the other clubs' websites:

Round Table


Ladies Circle

Classic Rally 2018

The sun shone brightly over South Wales and 40 cars attended the 5th annual Classic Rally in Cardiff.

Now established as a great social weekend the drivers and co-drivers had a weekend of fun and fellowship.  They even provided a car for Captain Jack, Phill's mascot for his year.

Congratulations to Team Wales for organising a weekend to remember and overcoming all of the obstacles put in their way (Pop concerts, ocean yacht races, food fairs, classic car shows and even a Suffragette march to celebrate 100 years of votes for women.)

Next year's event has already been announced by Shirley Late Knights and details will be in the July newsletter.

We don't just sit there!

Let's prove it!

Let's show the world that we actually do things!

The internet offers us the opportunity to tell the world that 41 Club is not just a dining club where old men talk about things that were better in their day. It provides the ability to communicate with 'like minded' people, to show others (especially current and ex-Tablers) that we do still participate in activities that may be of interest to them. We have therefore decided to create a range of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) on Facebook that are open to all members of the Four Club Family. You are invited to join them if they interest you or to point your friends to them if you know they are interested. Additionally we will welcome your ideas as to what other groups we can create (golf, walking, cycling, fishing are just a few possibilities).

So let's see some action. The groups / forums already set up are listed in the block on the right. The groups are closed so that you have to request membership and your views, photos etc. will only be shared with like minded members. You will need a Facebook account to join most of these groups. The Bikers Forum is open to all as it is not a closed group.

If you would like to start other groups please send the details to

We will need your name, your Facebook ID, the name of the group and brief details on its aims. We will then set the group up for you, making you the first member and allowing you to invite other Facebook members to join.

So who wants a football group? a rugby group? or even a cake decorating group? It is up to you. It costs nothing and will hopefully encourage other ex members to join 41 Club and Tangent. It may even get some members to start new activities!

Summertime Offer

Summer's coming, fire up the BBQ, get the summer tables and chairs out…all members have the opportunity to purchase from the award-winning selection of:-

Pate, Marmalades, Chilli Jams, Chutneys & hummus (including Vegetarian & Vegan Options) supplied by Patchwork Foods

To visit their website

For 25% Discount use the code 41Club for all Online Orders

National Golf Finals 2018

41 Club – National Golf Finals

Thursday 20th September 2018


Highnam, Nr Gloucester. GL2 8DR







10.30 A.M. TEE OFF






Steve James, or

07837 952328

CLICK HERE for an entry form

Four New Member Benefits

Four new benefits for those members who enjoy the outdoor life. Be it walking, camping, cycling, skiing, cycling, running or climbing there bound to be something of interest to you.

All of the outlets offer a 15% discount to 41 Club members both on-line and at their shops.

                Click logo for details

The President's Charity 2018-19

President Phill has chosen a charity very close to his heart for this year's Charity:

To donate to Phill's Just Giving page CLICK HERE

Phill's own six-year-old grandson Enzo suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a life-limiting condition that affects 100 boys born in the UK every year. It usually affects only boys, but girls can also show symptoms of Duchenne. With your help, MDUK will fund the essential research that will one day discover a solution to this terrible condition.

Click on the logo for more information.

Promoting 41 Club

Nick Morcumb and Ralph Small made contact with many potential new 41ers at the RTBI AGM at Chester.

News from 41 International AGM

Dateline Saturday 28th April 2018
Pörtschach, Austria

Three new countries accepted into 41 International:


International Vice President 2020-21: Tom Albrightson from Norway

Host for the 2020 HYM: Romania




To enable us to validate and maintain your membership an amount of personal data will be processed to ensure (i) your right to join the National Association of ex-Round Table Clubs (41 Club) and; (ii) your continued membership of 41 Club. This data will be processed using both consent and contractual obligation as the legal basis for processing under the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 [hereinafter referred to as GDPR], Article 6. The Association of Ex-Round Tablers’ Clubs (41 Club) will treat that personal data fairly, responsibly and in a transparent manner.

To protect our Club and Association status, documents proving your membership eligibility must be kept on file for the duration of your Club/Association Membership. You have the right to request us to delete those documents from your file, by doing so we will not be able to further extend your membership and your membership will be deemed lapsed without refund.

The Association of Ex-Round Tablers’ Clubs’ will process your personal data in a manner that is legal, effective and efficient. We will apply ethical best practice at the root of decision making, while protecting your privacy and confidentiality, as described in our Data Protection, Confidentiality and Website Privacy Policies. A full version of the 41 Club’s Policies is available online on the website, in print, or on request from our Marchesi House Headquarters.

The General Data Protection Regulation gives you the following rights regarding the processing of your personal data:
Right to be informed about how your data is processed and why in a concise, transparent, intelligible and easily accessible way.
Right to access your personal data and verify the lawfulness of the processing.
Right to rectification if the personal data we hold about you is inaccurate or incomplete.
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Rights related to automated decision making. The 41 Club does not employ automated decision-making processes.

The 41 Club Data Compliance Officer (DCO), who is the National Secretary, is responsible for protecting the personal data held by the 41 Club by ensuring the Association has a suitably robust information governance function, supported by appropriate policies and processes. You can contact our DCO via email at

The Association of Ex-Round Tablers’ Clubs takes the security of our member’s personal data very seriously, and we require all National Officers, employees and contractors to treat personal data with strict confidentiality. All the appropriate technical and organisational measures are in place, supported by privacy impact and risk assessments, to ensure a secure environment for information held both manually and electronically.

The Association of Ex-Round Tablers’ Clubs will hold personal data no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the personal data are processed; personal data may be stored for longer periods insofar as described by GDPR in order to safeguard the rights and freedoms of individuals; or if it is necessary in order to comply with a legal obligation.

Fun & Fellowship at Okehampton

A selection of photographs from the National Social & Sporting Weekend held at Okehampton on the 9th to 11th February.  In the true spirit of Round Table we all had a great time of fun and fellowship.

More details will be in the March newsletter and a full report in the Spring Magazine.



Cycling Weekend

A new fellowship event for 2018

CLICK HERE for details

Caravan Rally

Following the great success of last year’s event, the 41 Club Caravan Rally is returning in September 2018 by popular demand to Hardwick Parks, Standlake near Oxford.

CLICK HERE for the details.

CLICK HERE for a booking form

'Can Thee Ride Tandem?'

Whenever I see cyclists I think of these immortal words from Last of the Summer Wine. They were spoken when amorous Howard was trying to get off with the flirty Marina.

From there it's only a short leap to older men in Lycra which makes me think of Joggling and Barry Durman. With me so far?

So "why are you telling me all this" I hear you ask. Well it's all Barry's fault because knowing how fond he is of cycling I sent him a leaflet picked up at an Italian lakeside coffee stop which waxes lyrical about the wonderful cycling opportunities in the warm sun and beautiful scenery over there. I headed the jokey note to Barry "What about a 41 National Cycling Weekend" and said it might complete the set of 41National Events; Classic Cars, Camping and Social and Sporting Weekemd.

Now the trouble with Barry is that I should have known better than to toss him something like that as he is likely to toss it right back at me with words like "Do you know anyone that might take this on Ken?"

We all know what that really means, so before I know it I am writing a note for the 41Club Magazine asking whether if Northampton Nene 985 41Club were to organise the first 41 Club National Cycling Weekend in August 2018 how much interest would there be from around the country (or even the world)?

The detailed format has yet to be tied down but initial thoughts are:-

•Arrive on a Friday in August with your bike for a bit of afternoon cycling followed by some eating & informal socialising

•Saturday Morning and Afternoon rides out in the lovely Northamptonshire countryside interspersed with a light lunch.

•Saturday evening an eating, drinking and socialising event

•Sunday more riding finishing with more eating and drinking.

• Shorter/less taxing versions of the rides for the more leisurely cyclist to be available

That sound OK ?

So all you need to do now is send your answers to me on an electronic postcard saying stuff like;

1.who you are and which club you're from with your email and mobile phone contacts.

2.That you are interested in cycling over three days and whether you are a regular or occasional cyclist

3.You are prepared to pay a modest sum to cover the costs of accommodation food etc. so the event is self-financing.

4.Anything else that occurs to you.

I Look forward to hearing from lots of you.

May the pedals of friendship.................

Ken Banfield - 07740 104242

Like to Chat?

Do you know that we now have a private Facebook Group for 41 Club members?  A space where you can communicate with fellow members from the whole of GB&I.  Start topical discussions, ask questions of fellow members or advertise your club events. It is there for you to use and we already have 450 members. If you have a Facebook account and are a registered member on CAS then you can apply to join by clicking here.

The Round Table Family

The Round Table Family is culmination between the four Social groups Round Table, 41 Club, Ladies Circle & Tangent.

The Purpose of the Round Table Family is to work together with the common aim of membership development, seek commercial advantage by sharing best practice and encourage representatives of each association to interact at all levels.

Next National Council Meeting

The next National Council meeting will be held on Saturday, 27th October 2018 starting at 11.00 a.m. at The Village Hotel, Hessle, Nr Hull.

Any declared member of the Association is entitled to attend as an observer.  Please notify the National Secretary if you plan to attend.

We want to hear from YOU!

What has your 41 Club been doing that is unusual and of interest to others?

Send in a short article and a picture and we will publish it on this website!

Just a  simple e-mail will do - send it to

"Friendship Continued"

41 Club at Seventy

This book, by Frank Venables, for the 70th Anniversary of 41 Club is now available at a cost of £10.00 per copy (plus P&P if applicable).

Please contact the Honorary Archivist at in order to secure your copy.

Frank Venables,
Faringdon, Isis Area and Mumbles 41 Clubs