Honorary Solicitor - David Smith

I regard my position as a great honour and one I shall forever cherish. To follow in the footsteps of Rodney Huggins and Paul Cammiss is a privilege indeed and I shall do my utmost to justify the trust and confidence which has been placed in me.

I see my role as providing legal advice (where required) to the National Board and Council. This may be in the context of interpreting current rules or assisting in the drafting of new rules to be laid before the members for adoption at an Associations AGM. My opinion may be sought on matters of general law or the impact new law may have on our constitution or procedures.

Occasionally my views may be needed should an individual member consider he may have a grievance against his club or the National Council. In such cases initial contact should be made by the member or club to the National Honorary Secretary.

These examples are not exhaustive and there may be other issues where my involvement becomes necessary. I shall endeavour to deal with any question referred to me speedily, impartially and I hope, with common sense.

David Smith