Belton Treasure Hunt 2016

Vice Chairman Ray Harriman organised our August 2016 meeting, and we were blessed with perfect summer weather for the Walking Treasure Hunt in the village of Belton.

Teams set off from the Queens Head at intervals from 7 o'clock.

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Image 1

Most of the clues were straightforward, and teams achieved almost universal high scores.

However, there were some tricky ones:

The owners of the house "The Beagle" decided to paint the house exterior on the day of the treasure hunt, and of course took down the house name sign! This did give something of an advantage to those teams having Belton residents as members.

There was some misunderstanding about the meaning of the numbers on the Fire Hydrant sign. The professional plumbers in our midst were surprised they didn't get this question right!

All the teams managed to navigate back to the Queens Head where we ate our fill with an excellent hot buffet of Lamb or Vegetable Tagine served with Cous-cous, followed by a choice of desserts.