Region 5


In my term as Region Representative I want to build on the good work done by my predecessor Graham Sloan and continue to visit as many clubs as possible and forge even better links between the clubs in the region. I would like to promote cluster meetings and regional events to cement great links within the region and so that the stronger clubs can support those that are struggling and help them to grow.

I would like to forge stronger links between 41 club and RTBI within this region. I think that this will benefit both organisations. Round Table can benefit from the support, experience and guidance of 41 club and 41 club can benefit from the fresh ideas and enthusiasm of Table. I hope that these stronger links would also help reinvigorating or reviving those clubs that need it and also perhaps lead to re-establishing some closed feeder tables. I also think that ideas and enthusiasm can flow both ways and that this will encourage all those who have left Round Table and not joined 41 club to perhaps reconsider and join – to the benefit of everyone.

I also want to try and bring the National Board closer to grass roots members. It is al too easy for 41ers to see National as different or aloof. That is just not the case and there are so many great things going on nowadays that it would be a shame for members to miss out. Although we are all bombarded with the internet and social media it is, perhaps regrettably, a fact of all of our lives and has a part to play. I would seek to increase the readership of the monthly newsletters, perhaps create one within Region 5 and increase traffic to the National Website and Regional and National Facebook pages.