Region 22


I am a total legend who has helped countless 41 Club Members and Tablers live their lives to the fullest.

I have also scaled the highest mountains of the Italian mainland, all while dressed as a baby, swum across the English Channel (only stopping for a pint and a pie on my support boat for a short 20.5 miles), trucked across the American mainland, jumped over a number of cars (*model-sized), and have modelled across Europe for the most famous of fashion brands, but only when I get on the right plane. 

Alison, my beautiful wife, has supported me on all of these adventures, only stopping to make sure that our massive family of wolf-sized dogs are fed and watered before they devour our wonderful children for breakfast. 

I'm delighted to support Region 22 and to represent 41 Club here and nationally and can't wait to be invited to join your meetings so I can complete your evenings with tales of my life so far.