Region 20

Region 20 National Councilor profile – David Chard

It seems many years ago that I was lucky to have joined Reading Valley Round Table as a relative youngster – and it was a long time ago! However little did I know that I would make so many lifetime friends and have so many good times, but time caught up with me so I joined 41Club, and the good times continue.

I have spent all my time in Round Table and 41 club in the Thames Valley so I was delighted an proud to become National Councilor for region 20 Thames Valley in 2018. The area consists of 33 clubs covering from Banbury to Basingstoke and Farringdon to Bracknell and of course visiting many of the clubs.

2020 has been a difficult and different year so far, but the resilience and ingenuity of 41 Club and the members never ceases to amaze. I look forward to the rest of my tenure totally convinced that 41Club will continue to in every area of our activities.

I look forward to visiting all the clubs in Region 20 maintaining the fun and fellowship and continuing the support for so many good causes, but also listening and discussing each clubs thoughts and comments on the way ahead and representing these at National Council.