Region 17

National Councillor - Kelly Clarke

I joined Round Table in 1996 and worked my way through most posts including Table chairman and area 6 Founders Area chairman for two years running also serving as a National Councillor for two years, thoroughly enjoying my time and the fellowship that came with it, both at home nationally and abroad

Age, unfortunately, caught up with me and I moved graciously across to 41 Club and am enjoying all that it offers having been chairman of my own club twice now. It just seemed to be a natural progression to become a National Councillor for 41 Club.

My aims are to meet as many members as possible in the region and promote all the good bits as well as trying to get cluster/joint meetings organised as we sometimes seem very insular whereas Table do things together and have more fun. I would welcome invites to your club for a visit and events that you may have organised.

Joint meetings with and promoting Table are still high on the list as without them we will not survive.