Region 14


This is my second year as a National Councillor and I have learned so much in my first year on council. My Region, sits roughly to the west of the tropical paradise otherwise known as Birmingham. The Region is made up of 25 clubs with just over 500 members.

As the rules stand at the moment, the future of 41 Club is directly linked to the success of Round Table and I would love it, if we can open new Round Tables to feed 41 Clubs, who are currently without a feeder club. I am a great believer that increasing and maintaining membership is down to three things.

1) Have an interesting programme

2) Invite people

3) Look after them when they attend

41 Club means different things to different people and it is important to embrace this diversity that each club enjoys, whilst keeping an eye on growing and sustaining the future.

Please feel free to get in touch for any of your 41 Club needs. I can be contacted on 07708 949339 or at

Yours in continued friendship