Region 10


I had been in table from 2001 through to my kick out in 2016. I started in St Albans Round Table in 2001 before moving to Derby Merlin 998 in 2004. This move opened up Area and National to me. I went on to do Table then Area 14 chairman, during which time I supported my brother as National President. There are some amazing memories from all aspects of this time with some to inappropriate to mention. Needless to say this has left me with raft of friends across the UK which I hope to continue being involved with as I continue in 41 club.

One year into the role as national councillor for Region 10 and I am still amazed by the diversity of the 41 clubs. Each has its own unique DNA that makes up the tapestry of our amazing organisation. Having done as many clubs as the diary allowed in 2019/20 my mission was to continue my march round the region. That of course has been some what stunted by the horrible “C” word. Yet there is still hope in the enthusiasm being shown by clubs for the digital age. I will continue to engage and join as many regional club meetings as I can.

It is good to see the diversity of ideas that clubs are coming up with to make the meetings enjoyable and function whilst not being to flick food at each other (Paul Cavanagh).

I had arranged 4 events for the region to come together across this year, but certainly the first couple have already fallen foul of the exclusion protocols. But in the true spirit on Adapt, adopt and improve, I am not saying die and will continue to seek ways that we can hold the events once the lock down starts to be eased.

Till the next time,


John Manley