Profile: Roger Spensley

Date joined Round Table: 1997, Clitheroe Round Rable

Local Round Table
From: To: Role: Table:
2005 2006 Chairman Clitheroe Round Table
1997 2013 All of the other ones Clitheroe Round Table
2006 2013 Member Amounderness Round Table
Area Round Table
From: To: Role: Area:
2007 2008 Chairman Area 34  
National Round Table
From: To: Role:
2006 2009 National Councillor
2010 2010 National Sporting Weekend Lancaster Chairman
2011 2012 National Membership & Retention officer
2013 2013Central Tablers Meeting Stirling Chairman

Date joined 41 Club: 2014, Clitheroe, OBEs

Local 41 Club
From: To: Role: Club:
Member Clitheroe
2016 2017 Chairman Clitheroe
2018 2019 Chairman Old Bored Executives

National 41 Club
From: To: Role:
National Councillor Region 5 North West
Joint Chair National Conference Bid 2024

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Occupation (your principal job):
Any other interesting jobs:
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Hobbies (apart from 41 Club!):
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