Chairman's BBQ 2021

Pete invited us all (and partners) to a barbecue at his house for our August 2021 meeting.

The weather treated us appropriately with heavy showers and thunder storms, but Pete must have been a boy scout in his childhood, because his garden was amply prepared with a massive gazebo and equally massive parasol.

Most of us stayed dry, and managed to enjoy our first social meeting since the beginning of 2020.

A big thank you to Sue and all the ladies who prepared the magnificent spread, and to Ally and Mike for cooking the non-veggie bits.

Peter just discovered that Boris Johnson was going to join the SNP.


David, when I said "smile please", I didn't expect you to move so quickly.


Cheers Nigel


Chairman Pete and the five bunnies sheltering from the storm.


Julian didn't know Mike was a twitcher.