Club Walking Weekend

It is a little known fact that the older you are the faster you walk - or so it seemed to me as I stumbled snd slid to the rear of our walking party.  The leadership led us up precipitous escarpments and careering down the other side during three excellent walks over Exmoor and through North Devon while us lesser mortals plotted revolution and fantasised over our first pints.

However, help was at hand: we did manage a long; sun-filled and rather alcoholic Saturday afternoon.  Followed by an equally convivial evening and Thai dinner on the Saturday evening.

Considerable thanks go to Bill Baldwin for organising the event and being very kind to us rookies; to the management and staff of the excellent Crown Hotel in Lynton and to those members of the team who tried to console me my assuring me that if the worse came to the worst, they were black belts in CPR.  Oh by the way, some genius is suggesting Andorra for the trip next year.  Personally I prefer the idea of Cromer!.

More photos can be found on our Alcester 41 Club Facebook site