Hashtag Travel Group

Up to 10% Discount & Voucher

Hashtag Golf Travel is a relatively new company offering golfing holidays across the UK, Europe and Worldwide. The Hashtag Travel Group was founded to provide a straightforward, one-stop shop for luxury tailor-made holidays.
As a travel company, we are fully financially bonded and the team have extensive knowledge and experience in the industry and provide expertise service. Our websites are: www.hashtaggolftravel.com and www.hashtagtravelgroup.com.

We offer holidays in more than 20 countries. Our speciality is golfing holidays; however, we also offer non-golfing holidays worldwide.

The Company Directors are all Round Table or 41 Club members.

Exclusive Members Benefits:

1.Holiday Discount
As an exclusive 41 Club Members Benefit we will offer a discount on our holidays of ‘up to 10%’.

2.Prize draws
Every two months we offer a ‘Giveaway Prize Draw’ on our website and our Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn).

If a 41 Club member enters our prize draw through the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website; Link: https://hashtaggolftravel.com/contact-us/ and types ’41 Club’ in the ‘Subject’ box then we will email them a £25 gift voucher which can be redeemed against their next holiday.
They can also enter just by sending an email to golf@hashtagtravelgroup.com titled ’41 Club’. Again, we will email each entry a £25 voucher by return. Note: The prize draw is not exclusive to 41 Club members, they can enter again on our Facebook page if they want. The £25 voucher is exclusive to members of 41 Club (& Round Table).