National Communications and IT Officer

Dave Chard, National Comms and I.T. Officer

I am pleased and proud to have been elected as Comms and IT Officer. For the past 4 years I have been the National Councillor for region 20 Thames Valley. I joined Round Table in 1984 and held various posts both in my own club, regional and National Council RT.

These years taught me that the most important thing that we have to do as 41 Club is to communicate, listen and engage with all our clubs and members. If communication is the lifeblood, then IT is the foundation that enables us to have effective communication, management and engagement systems.

Whist both are different specialisms they depend on each other, so we have established 2 separate committees,firstly, communication a committee comprising of 6 co-opted members who have experience in creating innovative communications, plus an IT committee comprising of the Honorary Web Master and experience members of National Council, both collaborating to provide the required level of information service systems and to both clubs and members.

We will continue to provide the magazine and the monthly newsletters providing regular updates on all aspects of 41 club, up and coming events, articles on membership initiatives, and the like, keeping members fully informed.