41 Club Mosaic Profile

It is often difficult to explain what 41 Club is, especially when seeking support or sponsorship for an event.
41 Club have commissioned Experian – one of the country’s leading analysts of people groups to provide a report on the type of people who are members of 41 Club. This is called a Mosaic Profile.
The details of our Mosaic Profile, which was produced using 12,000 postcodes from our database, can be downloaded. The details indicate that the ‘type’ of people in 41 Club are very attractive from a marketing perspective, especially to up-market organisations trying to sell high price product.
However, although we are happy to get involved with companies from a marketing perspective, we would never supply member’s personal details or contact details to them.
The Mosaic Profile is a very useful tool in promoting the benefits of working alongside 41 Club and offering affinity schemes or similar. National affinity schemes are managed by the National Fellowship Officer under the banner ‘Platinum Privileges’.

CLICK HERE to download the Mosaic Profile