Is your 41 Club attracting new members ?

As you know we are the association of ex-Round Tablers so our members come predominantly from Round Table.

As such it is our duty to support Round Table and maintain strong links with them to encourage Ex-Tablers to join 41 Club when the time is right.

We need to remain relevant to future members and in the past too many have never joined their 41 Club. We have some fantastic 41 Clubs who have great links with their Round Table in terms of community and social activities and therefore have high conversion rates from Round Table to 41 Club. We all need to learn from them:

Continue friendship and fellowship

Be mindful of big age gaps between your youngest and oldest members.

Have a mixed programme of events.

Don't become isolated.

Maintain links with your community and get involved in community activities

Attend regular events with your Round Table

Help us to restart Round Tables

Invite ex-Tablers along to your events and then ask them to join.

Attend regular events with neighbouring 41 Clubs.

Take advantage of our 41 Club member benefits

Need help?

Contact the National Councillor for your Region or the National Membership Officer (

We are here to provide support and advice.