Insurance Details

Insurance is arranged by Bluefin Insurance Services Ltd and the policy covers the period 10 February to 9 February of the following year.

A copy of the insurance certificate can be found at the foot of this page.  For further information please contact the National Treasurer (

The following is a summary of the insurance cover provided:

Public/Products Liability

This protects the 41 Club (and members acting in their capacity for the club) in respect of claims arising from third parties for injury or property damage arising out of the club’s negligence.

The current Limit of indemnity is £10,000,000 each and every claim in respect of Public Liability and £10,000,000 in the annual aggregate in respect of Products Liability.

A £250 excess applies in respect of third party property damage and third party bodily injury.

The policy excludes ‘Dangerous Activities’ as follows:

  • Fireworks or bonfires
  • Pyrotechnical devices
  • Inflatable play equipment
  • Fairground rides or mechanical or electrical rides of any kind
  • Ballooning or flying or any aerial activity of any description
  • Quad bikes, go karts or motor sports of any kind
  • Trampolines, gymnastic apparatus or any apparatus requiring the use of safety harness or ropes to prevent or arrest falls from height
  • Circus acts or stunt acts
  • It's a knockout competitions
  • Persons riding on animals
  • Canoeing sailing or the use of water rafts
  • Shooting ranging for guns or archery
  • Trips to theme parks or any beach
  • Tug of war.

However, it may be possible to extend the insurance for specific ‘dangerous’ events therefore please refer to the Treasurer in good time if you intend to hold such an event.

As organisers of an event it is the Club’s responsibility to ensure that measures are in place to address health and safety issues and to ensure that activities are adequately controlled and carried out safely. It is recommended that a documented Risk Assessment is conducted prior to the event.

Please remember to check the insurance of venues you are hiring and third party suppliers/contractors. We recommend you ask for a copy of their Public/Products Liability certificate. Bluefin are able to advise on adequacy of cover if required.

Please note there is no cover for theft/ loss of money or property at events.

All Risks Club Property Insurance

All 41 Club regalia, jewels, chains of office, trophies, computers and stock are insured when stored at members’ houses or locked up at meeting venues. However, this is restricted to a maximum of £10,000 per club and a maximum value per item of £5,000 (with the exception of the Chairman’s chain which has a maximum insured value of £10,000).

The excess is £50 per claim, which is increased to £1,000 in respect theft caused by of non-forcible and violent means.

Please note, unexplained disappearance is a standard policy exclusion.

Please notify losses or potential claims as soon as practicable and within 30 days of discovery.


This information is merely a synopsis of the cover in place. It is advised that organisers of events contact the Treasurer for advice if there is any doubt on what is covered.

A copy of the insurance certificate can be found at the foot of this page

Health Warning - it is important to ensure that members full contact details are on CAS, particularly when making a claim.  If they are not, the claim may be delayed or refused because when asked the Association may not be able to identify the individual involved as a bona fide member.

The Ministry of Justice Reforms 2013 overhauled the personal injury framework and introduced a strict timetable for any PI claims, to speed up the processing of claims and set fixed legal fees.

Any insurance claims should initially be addressed to Marchesi House, rather than to a member, officer or club. If you receive a personal injury claim under our public liability insurance policy you must:

  • Forward the letter of claim, on the day of receipt, to, with a copy to the Treasurer. The Marchesi House Admin Team will inform our insurers immediately.
  • Our insurers will acknowledge the third party correspondence no later than the day after receipt,

If you are asked to provide details of our insurers, please ensure that the correspondence address provided is:

The Association of Ex-Round Tablers’ Clubs, Marchesi House, 4 Embassy Drive, Calthorpe Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 1TP.

To view the current insurance document please click here:

Current Year:

2023: Combined Insurance

2023: Property Insurance

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