Hyundai has been working with the Association using their affinity deals for three years and they have provided members with great savings. If you are spending in the region of £25,000 then you could possibly save around £4,000 / £5,000 on a new car.

Throughout the time, Hyundai has provided the Association’s President with a car to help with his traveling all over the country, to visit your clubs and represent you.

We believe that over the three years we have been working together about 100 members of the Round Table family have benefited each year.

The affinity scheme is very easy to use, all you have to do is click this link, fill out a couple of details and use the affinity code A01 (zero one).

After you have entered a few personal details you can then build a car and the affinity price for the car and savings are shown on screen. They will suggest your local dealers to you and you can book a test drive. You will then receive an email which you must take with you when you visit the dealership.