National Fellowship Officer - Kelly Clarke


Date joined Round Table: 1996, North Walsham 331

Local Round Table
From: To: Role: Table:

All posts apart from Treasurer North Walsham 331
2000 2001 Chairman North Walsham 331
2008 2009 President North Walsham 331
2011 2012 President Aylsham 784
Area Round Table
From: To: Role: Area:
2001 2002 Area Sports Officer Area 6
2003 2005 Area Chairman Area 6
National Round Table
From: To: Role:
2005 2007 National Councillor

Date joined 41 Club: 2007, North Walsham

Local 41 Club
From: To: Role: Club:
2009 2010 Chairman North Walsham
2015 2016 Chairman North Walsham
National 41 Club
From: To: Role:
2015 RT NSW 41 Club Liaison Officer
2017 - National Councillor Region 17 East Anglia
Marital status: Married - Shirley
Children: Two
Grandchildren: Two
Occupation (your principal job): Garage owner
Any other interesting jobs:
Employed, self-employed or retired? Self employed
Hobbies (apart from 41 Club!): Riding motorbike, sea fishing and model train set.
Are you a member of any other service organisation e.g. Rotary, Lions etc. If so which?
Any other interesting information: Enjoy a pint or two of real ale especially beer festivals. I have.been told on more than one occasion that if they cut me in half I would have Round Table stamped through the middle like a stick of rock