National Fellowship Officer - Kelly Clarke

It is an honour for me to be your National Fellowship Officer.

We have a good varied programme of events throughout the year with the Car Rally, Motorcycle weekend, Walking weekend and Caravan and Camping weekend along with NSSW, Conference and the annual cruise, all of which are highly successful and need to be booked early to avoid disapointment

It is my intention to keep all these events running while listening to your opinions and looking at the recent conference questionare results. I also have some ideas for new events that can be done on a more local level as well as a National one to bring us all closer together for some fellowship, fun and laughter, after all a good programme creates a great club which people want to be a part of.

Connects zoom meetings is high on the agenda as it was so successful and I will be looking at this again, remember that all past meetings are recorded and available for you to use at your own club meetings.

If you have any ideas for speakers or events then please email me with your ideas.

Membership benefits is something else that I will be trying to move forward in that I shall be trying to get some more deals for you our members.

On a personal level I am married to Shirley with two boys who are both now in Table, having been brought up with all that Table does they are now enjoying it for themselves.