National Vice-President - Wynn Parry

I am humbled, honoured and privileged to have been elected as your National Vice President. I am very much looking forward to having a great year supporting our National President Steve, whilst working to help shape the future of our great Association.

As Vice President, my role is to lead the Forward Planning committee, who’s primary task is to help shape the future of our Association for the benefit of us all. Last year’s Forward Planning Committee produced a Strategy document, which was shared with Association at the AGM in Jersey. As this year’s Forward Planning committee, we will Adopt, Adapt and improve the plan, endeavouring to implement as many of the ideas as possible included in the plan, whilst going forwards working to ensure that our Association is going the right direction for the times in which we now live. We are all equally responsible for defining the future of our Association.

As I stated in my election speech, I believe that moving forward 41 Club must adopt a 3 way strategy, membership retention, member attraction and growth.

Membership retention, we need to understand and assess who we are as an association and where we fit into today’s society. We must continue to reach out and contact our friends and 41ers, particularly those who haven’t returned to attend meetings. We must encourage them to join us, by offering them lifts to meetings and keep them informed as to what 41 Club is doing.

I encourage you to hold joint meetings between local clubs. Invite your neighbouring clubs to join you for an evening of fellowship. Organise regional dinners or a regional rally around a regional dinner.

Member attraction, being a 41er is about you and me being loud and proud about being a member of this great Association. To attract new members to our Club we must have a defined, interesting and diverse programme of events.

Growth, only by reviewing and understanding who we are as an Association and retaining our current membership can we then attract new members from both Round Table and from the wider community resulting in growth.

We have all been adopted into the Round Table family. By listening and working together will make sure that our great association adapts to meet all our expectations, ensuring it is in step with our communities and improves the lives of all of those around us.

I look forward to meeting with you all during the next few years and let’s have some fun and share some great fellowship. If you have any suggestions in how you think our Association can progress and improve or want to discuss any aspects about our Association please contact me at



Wynn Parry

National Vice President 2023-2024