National Treasurer - Kevin Lovett

Having taken over the role of National Treasurer in April 2020, when the country was in lockdown due to Covid -19, this was clearly not going to be a standard year. Whilst the budget (voted through at the AGM in Torquay) still stands, it is likely to need amending but more of a priority was to ensure that the Association Finances were in good shape to meet any impact. Hopefully you will be pleased to learn that due to previous National Council decisions we are in financially good shape and whilst the present situation and our current commitments may take a few years to unwind, we intend to review the situation in October when I expect we can bring forward a more meaningful budget before our 31st December year end.

The 41 Club Combined Insurance Policy was renewed to 09 February 2021 and we are currently undertaking a review of the Insurance to ensure it meets the Associations present and future needs.

In the current climate, a number of Clubs have asked about future Capitation. My current pastime is learning the 14.5 times table (something I wasn’t taught in School) and whilst I can confirm that the Capitation for this year issued in January 2020 and which has already been paid by the vast majority of Clubs, will not be altered, if this has not been paid yet, it needs to be sent as soon as you are able to do so. We will review future years in October 2020 if we are able.

Talking of Capitation our new CAS has thrown out a few anomalies, such as showing arrears in 2004!, so please “bare” with us whilst we put these right. Our aim is to have a fully operational system for 2021 which will make it easier for you all, to manage your clubs and capitation in the future.

Please feel free to contact me with any queries at

Yours in continued friendship,