National Membership Officer - Glen Lyon

It is a great privilege and honour to serve you as the Membership and Round Table Liaison Officer for the association.

As many of you will know I was asked by the National Council to initially deputise for Nick Morcumb when he suffered a heart attack and then to complete his term in office when it became apparent he would not be able to return to the position during his tenure.
We have interesting and challenging times ahead, with the dramatic reduction in membership of Round Table in the past 30 years as a closed association our only source of new members is from ex Round Tablers. The challenge for our clubs is there are still 20,000+ men out there who were once in Round Table but did not join 41 Club. We collectively and individually need to reach out to these fellow past Tablers and invite them to participate in fellowship and friendship with like minded (not quite so young) men.
We have started 14 new 41 Clubs in the past 14 months and we have several new clubs in the pipeline.
With the Covid-19 pandemic comes new challenges for clubs to keep in communication with their membership but it also brings new opportunities to be there for our members be that in virtual meetings via Skype / Zoom and the like or simply picking up the phone and chatting to your fellow club members to let them know even though they are isolated they are not alone.