IRO - Andy Ventress

During my first year in the role as IRO I have visited Germany, Romania, Hungary and Switzerland for their AGMs as well as attending both the International AGM in Brussels and HYM in Malta. I was also able to attend the European Capitals Meeting in London. All these events enabled me to represent GB&I and take our good wishes to other countries.

Unfortunately since March 2020 and the start of the COVID pandemic I have been unable to travel to represent GB&I at any events. I have been on many Zoom meetings with other IROs and past IROs.

As travel now becomes possible please refer to the diary to find the dates of National AGMs.

The HYM will be in Verona, 15th-17th October 2021. The International AGM in 2022 will be in Bergen 27th-29th May 2022, there will be a pretor available and the registration opens in mid October. The International HYM in 2022 will be in Odense, Denmark 8th - 11th September 2022

Please feel free to get in touch if you need any help with anything to do with 41 International.