2018 Budget

As always, if you have any questions please ask them in advance of the AGM so I can give a considered answer rather than making something up on the day and prolonging my traditionally short report. Answers to questions already asked will be appended to the foot of this document,

2018 Budget

The draft budget for 2018 was agreed by National Council at the Okehampton meeting and approved at the AGM in April 2017.

Items of note include:

General Secretariat – A new contract has been negotiated with Marchesi House. There is a small increase in the overall cost, but this now includes use of meeting rooms which used to be covered by the “platinum membership” payment of £5k per year, so overall this is a substantial saving.

IT Systems – This assumes we don’t change our existing systems, i.e. still use Office 365, Techno’s for CAS, Toucan hosting the website and all of the ancillary bits that glue everything together. The 2017 budget includes a provision for £20k spend on CAS2 / membership database, which affects the depreciation charge. A further £5k provision has been built into the 2018 budget.

AGM cost – The cost of running the AGM, including the venue hire, AV equipment, printing etc.

President’s expenses – home includes car & its insurance

Presidents overseas expenses – includes an allowance of up to £1k for the VP to attend the International HYM / AGM. Maintained at 2017 level to keep within the 10% rule for international spend.

International officer expenses – also kept to 2017 level for the same reason.

41 International capitations – increased again due to the fee structure revision, which aims make our per capita contribution more equitable with the other associations.

Fellowship Officer expenses – includes travel to conference meetings plus 4 of the “Big 12” Regional dinners per year.

Magazine – Reduced by £2k (on 2017) to reflect actual costs. Any postal inflation will be offset by decline in physical copies.

Council Meetings – Increased by £2k to cover cost of increased weekend allowances. These have remained static since 2014.

Board Meetings – remains at 2017 level. This budget also covers the cost of family meetings.

Depreciation – this is based on current assets, and assumes a £20k development in 2017 which could be CAS2 or a joint membership database with Round Table, and a £5k development in 2018.

Membership promotion – remains at 2017 level. This budget covers our Wider Wallet subscription, NC polos, name badges and other membership initiatives

NCLO Training & Development – Covers NC training days and also NCLO travel expenses so that he can fulfil his duties. Increase in 2018 for regional meetings.

Millennium Way – £2k budget to aid in the development of RT Family day.

Community Service – Increased by £500 to help fund community service projects, such as the Teenage Cancer Trust walk this year.

Based on a pessimistic view of the current membership trends we will have around 15,000 paying members in 2018. Maintaining the capitation fee at £14.50 gives a small surplus of £1,500 for the year.

I am proposing an increase in the NC weekend allowance from £160 to £180 maximum. This rate has remained static since 2014. The mileage rate will remain at 25p per mile.

Cash-flow & Reserves

Attached to the budget is a cash-flow statement for 2016 and projection to the end of 2018.

Mark Fairchild

National Treasurer, but not for long now …