Tour of Greyfriars Vineyard 28-09-2022 Club news: Camberley

Hi everyone, we have arranged a tour of the vineyard, production facility and chalk cave for Thursday 10th November.

The Tour is to a different section of the Vineyard than we previously visited and is accessed from the A3 not the Hogs Back. More about that nearer the time.

The Tour will consist of the following:-

Brief history of the site, cut back version as many of us have heard that before!

Walk around the vines and short walk to top of the site for great view of Surrey Hills. As mentioned, this is a completely different site to where we went before.

Discussion on wine making in the facility, where primary fermentation takes place

Tasting, with Greyfriars souvenir glass

Cave visit 2500sq feet!

10% Discount for any wine bought on the day!

For those of you interested in facts or engineering projects, this might whet your appetite!

  • 9,650 Tonnes of Chalk was excavated
  • 1,700 dumper truck runs were taken to deposit the chalk to make over a mile of tracksaround the winery vineyard sites.
  • 2,010 Tonnes / 670 Cubic Metres of Concrete was needed.
  • There are 3,106 plants in the living wall, which is a whopping 100m2
  • 205 Oak Sleepers were used
  • There are 3,750m of service ducts
  • 98% of waste material was recycled and only four skips were used for the entire build.
  • The build took 45,000 man hours.
  • Project Manager hours, including the design and build were 7,000 hours.

Cost will be £25 pe head, assuming we can reach the minimum number of 15! Please do not pay any money at present!

Once we have final numbers, I will look for a lunch spot for those wishing to eat. Lunch, of course will be entirely optional and not part of the Tour.