Great Night on 23rd May 05-05-2022 Club news: Camberley

Our last meeting on 23rd May, was a great success. 31 attended of whom 8 were very welcome guests, so thanks to everyone for swelling our numbers. The meal was fulsome and very tasty and even 2 guests who had had significant lunches, managed to clear their plates. Thank You Chef.

The Meeting enjoyed the return of one of our best Speakers from last year, Chris Turan, the ex Met Police Crime Scene Investigator. His talk, "A funny thing happened on the way to the Old Bailey,"

lived up to expectations, covering a series of real life examples of the stupid things that criminals do to get themselves arrested. Very amusing.

In the Officer's Reports, it was clear that a great deal of hard thinking has been done by Howard Ford, John Devlin, Mike Franzkowiak and their respective teams, in identifying an exciting range of Speakers, Socials and Events for our 2022/23 Calendar. Just polishing the final details and the full year programme will be published shortly.