Remembrance Sunday 2021 14-11-2021 Club news: Troon

Troon 41 Club members Harry Waugh (past Chairman) and Andrew Klimaytys (vice Chairman) were proud to lay a wreath at Troon's War Memorial in front of the Walker Hall on behalf of the 41 Club and its associated clubs namely Round Table, Ladies Circle and Tangent on Remembrance Sunday 2021.   The service of Remembrance took place at the War Memorial at 10.45 followed by Ecumenical Worship at Troon Old parish Church at 11.15.   The pictures show our wreath on the memorial and local resident Sandy Smith beside the memorial paying his respects to all of the many who fell in the two World Wars.  The small flag he holds shows a poem written by Lt Colonel John McCrae. 

On 3rd May 1915, Ypres, John McCrae an officer of the Canadian army is sitting on the rear step of an ambulance. He is looking at the grave of his friend and brother-in-arms Alexis Helmer, killed in action the day before. He sees beds of blood-red poppies growing among the graves in the burial ground. He begins to write the first words of what is now a famous poem: “In Flanders fields the poppies blow”

 John McCrae worked on the poem for several months before sending it to The Spectator in London, which rejected it. It was later published in Punch, the weekly British satirical magazine, albeit at first anonymously. ‘In Flanders Fields’ became the most popular poem of that time but McCrae would not live to see his Flanders Fields Poppies grow into an international symbol of remembrance. He died of meningitis on 28th January 1918. He was buried at the British war cemetery in Wimereux in France, near Boulogne-sur-Mer.