May Fever! 02-05-2019 Club news: Petersfield

Failing to learn the lesson from 2016, new chairman Mike got us together over pizzas at the Queen's Head to discuss and share ideas for this year. Multiple simultaneous, confusing, noisy discussions ensued and there now appear to be several steak nights in prospect, which may or may not be barbecued or Chinese, a running ladies walk for a millenium, Paul was left crying in the corner because no-one wanted to play Scalextric with him, and the chairman ended up sat in his chair, hands over his face rocking back and forward feeling like our PM.  The AGM was moved to July 'cos reasons. I'm sure Alastair will sort it all out and tell us what was agreed, or more likely, what he has decided that he would like us to have agreed.

Last year's chairman finally turned up, and was given his jewel, so that was nice.