A New Year! 07-04-2016 Club news: Petersfield

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The NEW! Purposes and Objects of Petersfield Ex-Table*

  1. To maintain, as well as failing memories will allow, acquaintances made when young men.
  2. To use one's advancing years as an excuse to give unwanted advice to Round Table.
  3. To pay lip service to the highest ideals in business, professional and civic traditions.
  4. To recognise the worthiness of all Petersfield Round Table projects and provide grudging assistance.
  5. And to further these objects by eating, drinking and as little physical activity as possible.

After standing on a platform of returning to a terrible local hostelry for every meeting, and having each meeting consist of a half hour ailment "show & tell", followed by political discussion and ending with thirty minutes of spiritual reflection, I was delighted to not receive a single vote. However, I have now had to explain to my wife that, despite this, I was somehow elected and have the ridiculously hard act of following Steve Issit's excellent year.

I have a three goals for the year.

  • Maintain and build on the links between Table and 41 Club. Our active community role will be to continue supporting Table with manpower and offering unwanted advice. I will continue to build on the links with 41 Club so that everyone in Ex-Table is invited to come to a 41 Club meeting and feels welcome to become a member of this unique institution. Whilst we continue to be an "active" club, 41 Club offers something equally special in its mix of Dining Club meets "I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue".
  • Over the last few years the Club has really found its way again. Meetings are well attended, noisy and fun. This will continue and the initial programme is designed with that in mind. It is not set in stone, and will change and be added to based on your feedback.
  • Nationally only 18% of Tablers join 41 Club. We are at 100% right now and I want that to continue by making this a club that retiring Tablers look forward to joining.

Please let me know what you think about the programme, or anything else

Yours in Fellowship.

Mike Robinson

For important matters please contact the club officers who will actually make things happen.

  • Vice-Chairman - Nick Moss
  • Hon Treasurer - Nick Hancock
  • Hon Secretary - Mike Hansford
  • Media and Website - Marcus Bailles-Collins
  • Mr Swindle - Lionel Matthews
  • Dinner Laddie - Steve Issit
  • Hon Hon Auditor - Alastair Stewart

* Adopted, adapted and improved from the 1975 Leyland Charter