$hiny Car$ 01-06-2016 Club news: Petersfield

Paul Buck did us proud by negotiating a visit to the Jim Stokes Workshops in Waterloovile, where he and a team of craftsmen lovingly tend to and restore a variety of classic cars like Alfa Romeos, Lancias, Feraris, Bugattis, Jaguars, Bentleys, Lagondas..., servicing, repairing, rebuilding these wonderful machines.  The ownership and status of many of the vehicles meant that not only were no pictures allowed, but some were kept under wraps, too.  This is the first open evening they have held for 2 years, and we shared it with a local Alfa club, so the trip was a rare privilege.  

I did manage to get this sneaky picture, though, for you to ogle.

The highlight for many was hearing and watching a beautiful Lancia D50 storm up and down the car park, although I would have been happy had the (£8m) silver Ferari 250 SWB fallen in my pocket.  This is not the one we saw, but I think you will get the idea.

The 32 of us who came had a great time, followed by a dinner at The Red Lion in Chalton (thanks Dinner Laddie), where the main topic of conversation I heard was a scathingly critical analysis of the new Top Gear.

Some more pictures from their official site can be found here, and, since they had a photographer last night, we may appear there, too, in due time.

A huge thanks to Jim and his staff for giving up their evening and time for free and letting us poke about their Automotive Aladdin's cave. I hope they raised plenty of money for Naomi House.