National Vice President Barry seen in Dorset..! 11-03-2016 Club news: Wareham

Wareham 41 enjoyed an old fashioned Table Style a fun evening for the February meeting with 41 Club Natinional Vice President, Barry Durman as the star guest closely followed by speaker Robin Backhouse.

Robin enlightened us on the manufacture of whisky by old and modern techniques, the subtle and not so subtle differences in taste of heavily smoked island malts, sweet Welsh and more modest highland brands and the complexity of Kentucky Bourbon and Tennessee whiskey. Generously donating samples for tasting, Robin took questions from the room to exploit his encyclopaedic knowledge of his beloved nectars.

Barry addressed us on matters national and the forthcoming conference, emphasising the need for continuing table membership and the pool of members that would ultimately swell the ranks of 41 clubs.

Secretary Andy Orridge presented Barry with a cheque for £200 for his national charity, the proceeds from Dick’s Oar, organised this year by Vice Chairman Ken Fletcher and won again by Bournemouth North.

Business was kept to a minimum save to remind all that the Wareham Beerex is happening on Easter Friday and Saturday with plenty of top quality real ales and ciders.

The theme Ale by Rail to celebrate the achievements of the Swanage Railway, lament the 50 years since the Somerset and Dorset Railway closed and commemorate 65 years since Eldridge Pope exported beer by rail from Dorchester. Hence most of the beers are of a railway name or connected brewery.

Wareham are doing an ale run by train from Dorchester to Wareham on March 9th to publicise the event and are supported by Brewhouse and Kitchen with two barrels of their finest i.e. Stationmasters Ale and BrewhouseExpress. All money raised, as usual, goes to worthy charities.

Cheers everyone.

Chairman Steve Bolter closed the meeting with a vote of thanks and hinges.