November's meeting (recap) 21-11-2015 Club news: Guisborough

The Vice-Chairman’s Challenge night with Round Table. Held at The Ship Inn, Guisborough. Left in the hands of the V-C’s the evening started with a tussle over the timing of the food, with the usual 7:45 being tried out at 8:30, then pulled forward to 8:00 after dissent amongst the troops. Huge quantities of chilli, rice & chips plus cheese & biscuits were demolished and then, thankfully, subsequent full stomachs set everyone’s minds to other battles to be fought…

Mark Kent (RT) came up with a bold new strategy of team pairings being drawn at random from a “hat”; this only added to the sheer excitement of the occasion. Once the games commenced (pool, cards, dominos and darts) it was a case of play as many as you like and “I’ll decide who has won at the end” Mike Drake announced. After a couple hours of play the weary contestants handed in their scoresheets and waited on the outcome. After a couple of minutes deliberation, Mike declared that there was a “twist” and the winners were in fact “the night’s losers”. To clarify, the dynamic due of Peter Milburn & Mark Kent had played 6 and lost 6, making them the worst team on the night and therefore, the winners. Never before has Past Chairman Peter Milburn looked so delighted to have lost, but actually won!

Alastair MacKenzie shouted out that he would win the raffle, and was smug when, by some quirk of fate, his ticket was indeed pulled out to win the bottle of wine. In attendance were, me, Dave Becker, Dave Camp, Mike Drake, Mike Fox, Peter Gale, Mel Hague, Steve Hewison, John Hoult, Alastair MacKenzie, Brian Metcalfe, John Middleton-Taylor, Alan Milburn, Peter Milburn, Felix O’Hare, Eric Walker, Philip Wallwork, Robin Wilson, Peter Whysall, Steve Carman, Rob Copleston & Mark Kent.