Crashing the party 20-11-2015 Club news: Petersfield

We came expecting to hear about IEDs, only to discover it stands for Indubitably Erratic Driver.  I suppose that's just a sign of the times, or in this case, no more sign.

James Pike steered the agenda as well as Steve Issit, as Steve Plodded through the early part of the meeting.  Sensing James's hesitation the senior members lost patience and launched into grace on autopilot, finally driving the evening forward well.  Some guests were introduced, some were toasted (after a prompt) and one Guest was booed for being AWOL.

To everyone's relief Steve Issit "here I turn off?" finally reappeared and gave a brief presentation about the 70th anniversary of The National Association of Ex-Tables, commonly known as 41 Club, although not in Petersfield, as that will get you duffed up by the Buriton Massive.

In an uncharacteristic act, 41 Club, what does nowt for no-one, did everything for Ex-Table by founding it in 1983, since there was no room at the (Green Dragon) Inn.  More importantly, it also kept the out of town hoi polloi away from the hallowed halls of the real 41 Club.  To honour this we rose and toasted Roger Deadman, the only founding member joining us for the evening.

It turns out that Steve Issit used to be Leo Sayer.

Chris Morgan and Tom North thanked everyone for turning out en masse to deliver another excellent firework display.  They awarded Howe a lifetime achievement award for lending the tractors which are vital to making the event happen.  We couldn't let the praise go to his head, so he was later fined for messing up Bell Hill Rec for the last 25 years, with those same vehicles.

The highlight of the evening was a great talk from Lieutenant Colonel Royal Marines (Retd.) Steve Liddle.  He gave us a fascinating insight into the training, the type of men who characterise our Royal Marines and what it was like to manage a company in war torn Sangin province.  A key theme was how to be calm and lead under pressure - having given a practical demonstration to the chairmen of Table and Ex-Table on an off ramp verge earlier in the evening.  

All in all, a fabulous evening.  Congratulations to the organisers.  Let's do it again next year - but use a taxi.