Fireworks Night - Feedback 08-11-2015 Club news: Petersfield

Good afternoon chaps.

Just wanted to mention what a fantastic weekend this has been, a huge and great effort by those who were involved in this year's Fireworks.

What fantastic work, from start to finish! Chris and Tom, who have organised this awesome event with massive support from the girls, families, volunteers, local businesses, us (the RT boys) and the old boys, too.

To those involved and those also who helped in other ways but couldn't be around, "Well Done!"

Time to chill relax and have a beer, lol, 'cos boy .. me back kills

You make me feel so proud when I put on my RT top or badge

RT ... Do More

Yeah right !! 110% awesome & committed

You're the best chaps

James Pike - Chairman, Petersfield Round Table