October's meeting (recap) 24-10-2015 Club news: Guisborough

October meeting: Rounton Coffee Roasters. A really interesting evening in testing conditions. After we received notice that we had to hold this in the front of the pub it was always going to be slightly more challenging than we initially planned. David & David from RCR said this was their most unusual tasting event, with it being held in a pub and after we had all had a plate of chilli, rice & chips and and some cheese. However, the lads pressed on and we all had a slurp of the 8 coffees and played “guess the decaf”. Somehow they managed to pull it off. A really informative, enjoyable evening, which Mark & Emma from The Ship Inn, watching on from the bar area, seemed to enjoy too. Whilst we managed the rice, chips and cheese, we couldn’t manage to see off the massive pot of chilli. In attendance were, me, Russell Aitken, Geoff Atherton, David Becker, Jim Boland, Paul Dickinson, Peter Gale, Mel Hague, John Hoult, Steve Hewison, John Middleton-Taylor, Alastair MacKenzie, Alan Milburn, Peter Milburn, Rob Vincent-Jones, Eric Walker & Phillip Wallwork. The raffle was won by Phillip Wallwork and the winner of the “knitted style zip up jacket” (that was left behind in the pub overnight) was Paul Dickinson.