Pancreassassination! 09-10-2015 Club news: Petersfield

November is Diabetes awareness month so, thanks to Nick Moss, in an attempt to induce the type 2 variant as a warm up, we set off to the Jolly Drover in Hillbrow to enjoy one of their infamous pudding nights.

Sarah whipped us into order so naturally we wondered where she had picked up the skills. After a small portion of chilli to warm up our stomachs (and flan for those who were more muppet than a man) it was on to the puds. Six of them. I still shudder at the memory. After 3 my pancreas was screaming, but it slumped into dazed confusion after the 6th and final. Andy Guest must have used the county's entire supply of insulin.

No-one went back for seconds, and Sarah had to yell at us to try all of them. The fresh fruit roulade was voted best pud of the evening.

There was also a rather nerdy quiz, which was far too hard for us oldies, as we were not allowed to use our portable electric telephones. The Chairman's team won by miles, so someone must have been googling under the table, or was a bit of a girly swot.

Finally, it was the swindle, which was a complete and utter swindle. There was a weigh in before and after the event, with the greatest gainer being the winner. Results were surprising, to say the least, with one super member losing over 20kg, but the clear winner, gaining almost 100% of his bodyweight over the evening, was denied the prize. How galling for Gallon.

Mike Robinson (Vice)