Region 10 Cluster Meeting 04-10-2015 Club news: Ashby-de-la-Zouch

Six members of Ashby 41 Club (Greg, Goody, Kevin, JR, Woody and Ian) and one from Ashby Table (Crawfie) attended the 2015 Region 10 Cluster dinner at Breadsall Priory on Friday 25th September. To ensure that the alcohol intake was maintained for everybody during the evening, a minibus was arranged from Ashby, with pre-dinner entertainment provided by JR regaling us all with tales from his Speed Awareness Course taken the preceding week. These were so riveting that we made sure he sat up front with the driver for the return trip!

Singer Harriet McDonnell provided some enjoyable musical entertainment before and during the meal, the main course of which was a very tender steak. Comedian Scott Bennett entertained us after the meal, quipping that he thought he'd come to a gathering of poor man's James Bonds! Goody's girls were in attendance again with the raffle tickets, and National President Terry Cooper also honoured us with this presence.

All in all, a great night out and let's get even more of us there next year!