Classic Car Museum in Churt - 16/4/2015 16-03-2015 Club news: Petersfield

Great visit to an extraordinary private collection.  Sincere thanks to Robert and Tanya Lewis for their hospitality.

Currently the owner has 50 cars and is in the process of expanding to 100 by adding Alfas and Maseratis etc., once he has built an additional building, which will be 10,000 sq ft.

The collection includes rare and valuable classics but only one racing car which is Mansells world championship Williams. 

The owner races a v12 Lagonda, coming 16th in this years classic Le Mans. That is a £2 million motor car and the noise is out of this world.

Other valuable cars include a pristine 1955 Mercedes convertible, which was discovered hidden in a garage in Monaco. Stuart Tait's favourite is a fully restored Mercedes gullwing.

There is an Aston shed/Ferrari shed. The Jaguar shed includes at least three SS 100's.

How times have changed!