Table-41 Club Creese Mellors Trophy 28-03-2015 Club news: Leicester de Montfort

Well it was a good evening at the rather Gothic hostelry The Heathcote Arms, in Croft.

Good turnout by both Table and RT41 with at its peak around 25 attendees.

After some shilly shallying around Chairman Tom's interpretation of how skittles might be played, select modules (tewams) of 4 were thrown into hand-to-hand combat.

The net result was a win for Table

68 points to table : 55 to 41 club.

Greg was highest scorer - 5 & 7 totalling 12. So he won the mug.

Table Headline: Greg's a mug and next years event will be on a Thurs.

RT 41 Headline: RT41 allow young shavers to think they've won again