Region 22 Quiz 23-03-2015 Club news: Plymouth

Report courtesy of hosts Plymouth 41 Club ...

A great night of fellowship was enjoyed by all who attended the OPM Club in Plymouth for the 41 Club Regional Quiz.

The quiz was a tight contest with “Saltash No Show” leading the two Torquay sides and Plymouth 41 team by only a very small margin. There was drama at the end of the last round however when the adjudicators were informed that “Saltash No Show” were in fact imposters and that Saltash 41 Club had failed to turn up and that the organisers had placed some stooges in their place in the hope that no-one would notice. The team was immediately disqualified thereby handing the much coveted Quiz Shield to Torquay for the first time. Plymouth Round Table fielded two teams (including guests) and one of these had the distinction of coming a glorious last.

Thanks went to Mike the quizmaster and the OPM Club for providing a really hot homemade chili and accompaniments and low priced drinks to go with it. We all look forward to travelling to Torquay who have promised us a great event for next year.