Mick & Jackie Rendell’s Alternative Kent Pru100 for MNDA 28-07-2020 Club news: 41 Club Primary

It was my intention to ride the Pru100 event again this year and ride in aid of the Motor Neurone Disease Association of East Kent. I am riding on behalf of a colleague Craig Whitelaw who is currently suffering from this debilitating illness. Craig was an energetic Business Consultant doing 40,000 miles a year and who is now confined to a wheelchair unable to walk or use his hands. In the past year Craig has been robbed of normal family life and has a wife a two young children who now have to watchtheir husband/father suffer.

I am (fingers crossed, touch wood etc) fit enough to do the things I want (mainly cycling) without issues and feel I can help people who can't by raising money for the worthwhile causes who support them. The Pru100 like many events has been cancelled this year so I have signed up to do 100 miles around Kent (much harder than the Pru course) as an alternative. The Pru run 3 events, a 19 mile ride, a 46 mile and the 100 mile, so we have registered for two distances and I will ride the 100 miles on the Saturday solo and Jackie (my wife) and I will ride 46 miles on the tandem on Sunday.

Most of us are fortunate to still be fit and healthy so please take the time to look at the link below and give generously where possible.

Cycle Ride for MNDA | East Kent Group

Mick and Jackie's Alternative Kent Pru100