Club Information for Shepshed & District 41 Club

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Shepshed 41 Club

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Meeting Frequency

1st Thursday Monthly 7:30pm

Normal Meeting Venue

The Queens Head, Belton

Feeder Table

Shepshed & District 1160

Alan Darby inducted as Chairman


At our AGM on Thursday 4th May 2023, Bob O'Donnell handed over...

Civic Presentation 2010

These photos are from the visit to Charnwood Borough Council in 2010

Nigel Bilsbrough, Cliff Jones and Eileen Crichton

Eileen Crichton, Major Jill Vincent and Cliff Jones

All 41 Club visitors with partners

Town Council Display Cabinet 2012

The Town Council agreed to display this cabinet with Round Table memorabilia.

David Armes and chairman Alan Darby with Town Councillors Cynthia Popley and Joan Tassell

Sadly, just a few years later, the council asked us to remove the cabinet, and the items were distributed amongst members for safe keeping.

Region 10 4th Cluster Dinner

On 29th September 2013, while Keith Campsall was our chairman, and Roger Kenning vice chairman, Shepshed 41 Club were well represented at the Region 10 4th cluster dinner.

Pete Grainger and Bob O'Donnell looking very smart

Alan Darby & Dave Northage

Quite a queue for drinks at the bar!

Cliff Jones, Roger Kenning & Dave Northage

                                       Alan Darby

Keith Campsall

Keith Butler, Nogel Bilsbrough, Roger Kenning

Bob O'Donnell, Dave Northage, Pete Grainger

Bob O'Donnell, Dave Northage, Pete Grainger

Keith Campsall

Mike Hall & Keith Campsall

Dave Skinner & Ray Harriman

photos by Alan Foster